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Our team of fiscal geniuses covers all kinds of corporate management possible – from , human resources planning and Merger & Acquisition consulting all the way to exit planning, strategic business planning, and investment opportunities!




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A multitude of High-Net-Worth Individuals in a number of industries, including banking, investments, professionals, health care, food, communications and many others have hired our company for the benefit of having their taxing affairs managed by us!





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We are confident about the fact, that clear goals, a long-term investment philosophy, a balanced portfolio, and low costs create a path to your financial goals. There’s investing, and there’s smart investing.




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In an ideal world, your business runs worry-free without disruption and you manage yourself.   Your employees finish their tasks as instructed, your client pay you on time, sales are only going upwards, and you are ahead of all competition. But then you wake up from that dreamworld and realise you only have 2 hands, are stretched beyond capacity and have things that are not getting done.  In a flash, problems are there and you are left to solve them.

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Founded in 2016 (but backed by a long executive career in Finance), our consulting practice is rare because we think more about YOU than we do about ourselves!

Commercial and REAL

If we havent seen it, we know about it!  We offer a realism that doesn’t often exist in consulting – commercial solutions that doesnt translate to huge consulting fees  without delivering results.

Why Recovery Consulting?

Because we are us!  Our business model was created because often our clients dont know what they need until they meet with us and we solve problems to allow the business owner to “sleep at night!”.  From the factory floor to the executive boardroom – insightful solutions whatever your problem!


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We will go above & beyond our duty to ensure that all of your corporate affairs, starting with  and human resources and all the way to strategic business planning, Merges & Acquisitions, Debt Recovery and Risks run smoothly and profitably for you!


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in Our Expertise!

Whenever I feel like I am head over heels with a legal / commercial decision we have made, I call Karen to set me straight. She has kept me sane and helped me find a “real” lawyer and a “real” accountant who work for me within my budget.  Don’t doubt “the Karen” – her advice, whilst sometimes tough, is always RIGHT!!!   Pure gold from my perspective.

Boris Jenna

Chief Operations Officer - 2 February 2019

I just wanted to say that I would never have gotten through the last 18 months without you – you have always been there to walk me through the difficult exit strategy we had in place.  What sets you apart is that you think about the whole person and were just as interested in how I was personally coping with the stress.  Your motto “what keeps you up at night!” couldnt be more true!!!  After months of not sleeping and being stressed, you really offered me a lifeline.  Keep it real and dont change when RCS becomes a known brand.

William Carrington

Director, Unnamed Fashion Retailer - 12 March 2018