Peyton Raine

Peyton Raine

Managing Partner

After nearly two decades working in accounting (predominantly insolvency, forensic and restructuring) and finance (predominantly banking, finance and risk departments), I have finally hung my own shingle and formed a partnership with other fresh, young (well, we think we are young), passionate and resilient consultants to help you in your business.

With a huge breadth of experience in a multitude of industries, we are targetting assignments where there is often a mess and lots of false starts from current employees. Our clients often dont know what they want until we get in, roll up our sleeves and start working. We are not a threat to existing staff and focus on fixing the core problem, setting up more productive procedures and finally training staff as we complete the assignment.

Now having worked 12 months on several large consulting assignments, we are specialising in:-
* annual leave cover for executives in banking/ industry (CRO, CFO, COO or company secretary in the main)
* policy and procedural documentation in risk, corporate governance, finance and regulatory matters;
* board advisory services;
* voluntary winddowns of corporations (focusing on fashion, building and construction, professional services, healthcare & childcare industries)
* regulatory visits and preparation work;
* OHS and HR matters (including disciplinary and termination issues, union matters, REM, EBA negotiations);
* legal issues (not advice ) around commercial operations including make good in leasing and new premises negotiations;
* general accounting and bookkeeping matters (short term assignments only including the recruitment of permanent staff);
* and so very much more…

Fields of Expertise:

Human resources
Business plan

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